Sunday, February 16, 2014

VDay Partay

What a fun little weekend.

Starting with bribing these two with marshmallows to get them to take a picture together before school on Friday.

Bribery by food. So wrong, I know. Promise to never ever do it again.
Walker's class had the sweetest little VDay party and I was excited to take pics at the photo booth. 
 Seriously, kid. Stop looking 15.
 His preschool class has been such a blessing. Five days a week with Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Dentinger have helped prepare him for kindergarten this fall (cue the sob-fest now).
I also had a romantic date with my love downtown at Harvest Cafe and a super fun time going with Emily to the UK-Florida game.

Hope you and your loves had a great weekend.


Tiffany Keene said...

Oh my word, Walker in the goggles! He is way too much cuteness!!!!

Stover's site said...

oh how I miss FBC preschool! So glad he's having a great year! You are so blessed to have Mrs. Lyons and Molly as teachers. He looks so old in those goggles. What is happening to the time???